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Principal of the International Superior Institute of Perfume Cosmetics Aroma, 
Isabelle Dufour Visited SIT

May 19,2010 Principal of the International Superior Institute of Perfume Cosmetics Aroma, Isabelle Dufour and Director of International Education, Mr. Eric Carilier came to visit SIT and discussed cooperation. People from School of Perfume and Aroma echnology and School of Continuing Education participated the meeting.        

International Superior Institute of Perfume Cosmetics Aromas(referred to as ISIPCA), under the Federation of French Perfume Cosmetics Industry, is a well-known university with the aim of cultivating professional and technical personnel for aroma, cosmetics and perfumery industry. ISIPCA enjoys an International reputation.

SIT School of Perfume and Aroma technology has established relationship with ISIPCA dating back to as early as 1997. Teachers have paid mutual visits to each other for exchange; SIT students have been sent to further their study in ISIPCA. The cooperation in the past lays a solid foundation for future cooperation.

Three cooperation models were proposed and discussed: (1) 3 +1 model for undergraduate training, during the first 2or 3 years ISIPCA send teachers to SIT to deliver some courses to enable in the fourth year, some of the students are able to study in ISIPCA; (2) 1-3 months short-term training programs offered to part time students to be managed by the School of Continuing Education (3) the exchange of teachers to enhance academic exchanges.

The meeting also further discussed the time of signing the cooperation agreement. The first group of students is expected to go to France in September 2011.