History Evolution
History Evolution

Shanghai Institute of Technology was established by merging the three national demonstrating applied science colleges: Shanghai Light Industry College, Shanghai College of Metallurgy, Shanghai College of Chemical Technology, as well as Shanghai Research Institute of Fragrance and Flavor Industry that belongs to the former Chinese Ministry of Light Industries. During the past 60 years, Shanghai Institute of Technology has developed itself into a full time institution of higher learning characterized with multi-disciplinary focusing on the applied science technologies. By emphasizing on both “application-oriented” and “capacity construction” strategies, Shanghai Institute of Technology is building up itself into an applied science tertiary institution. In 2007, SIT has passed the Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education. In October 2010, Fengxian new campus was completed, covering the total area of 1500 mu, where Shanghai Institute of Technology has moved the main teaching and administration bodies to. During recent years, Shanghai Institute of Technology has developed in leaps and bounds in both its capacities and capital constructions. It has also won the prizes of Shanghai Model Units for consecutive six years.