Capital Construction and Scale
Capital Construction and Scale

Shanghai Institute of Technology owns two campuses – Fengxian new campus and downtown campus, covering the total area of 1106870.2 square meters, and the total school construction area is 649309.25 square meters. Xuhui downtown campus is located in Caohejing Hi-tech Park, while Fengxian new campus is located in Fengxian Bay area. Shanghai Institute of Technology is administrated through the two-tier management system as Institute level and School level. Currently, Shanghai Institute of Technology consists of 19 schools (departments), School of Material Science and Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, School of Computer Science and Information Engineering, School of Urban Construction and Safety Engineering, School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, School of Perfume and Aroma Engineering, School of Art and Design, School of Economics and Management, School of Foreign Languages, School of Humanities, School of Ecological Technology and Engineering, School of Science, School of Rail Transportation, School of Innovative Engineering, School of Vocational Education, School of Continuing Education and Department of Physical Education. By focusing on undergraduate education, Shanghai Institute of Technology is actively developing postgraduate education in the areas of technology science and engineering as well as international education to overseas students. The total enrollment is 18148, of them, undergraduates are 15640, and postgraduates are 861. The value of teaching and research instruments and equipments totaled up to 259 million Yuan, the library collection of both hardcopy and electronic books is 1.46 million and 673,900 volumes respectively, and the total number of network databases is 37. Shanghai Institute of Technology has formed a complete computer network service system by constructing a 3-layer campus network structure, through which a total number of 570 video programs can be provided.