Talents Cultivation and Characteristics
Talents Cultivation and Characteristics

SIT aims to cultivate “advanced application-oriented frontline engineers with innovative spirit, problem-solving ability and international horizon” and has formulated its characteristics as “relying on industry, serve for enterprise, cultivating the first class applied talents of frontline engineers”. By accumulating the experience of previous 50 years of running education, Shanghai Institute of Technology persist the idea of “emphasizing practice, relying on engineering, cultivating the students into qualified talents for the society”. SIT also persist the principles of engagements of entrepreneurs in the teaching plans formulation, class teaching, thesis supervision as well as project designs etc, so as to integrate the engineering practice into the whole process of talents cultivation. SIT also learns experiences from its partner institutions of Germany and France and implement its innovative concepts of the cultivation of Excellent Engineers at the School of Engineering Innovation of SIT.Through its innovative education practices, students’ interests for learning have been greatly improved. The students’ employment rate reaches as high as 98.49%, and the quality of the graduates have been widely recognized by the society.

SIT owns 3 national “Excellent Engineers Cultivation Plan” undergraduate programs, 1 national engineering practice education center, 2 municipal demonstrating teaching centers, 1 national Boutique program, 15 municipal Boutique programs, 7 undergraduate education Highlands of Shanghai municipality, 221 students practice and education bases.

SIT now has a faculty of 1,734, and among them, 1,083 are professional teachers. 419 professional teachers have senior professional titles, which makes up 38.69 % of the total teaching staff. 113 staff members are full professors. 77.10% staff members have master’s degree or above and 33.89% (367) hold doctor’s degree. SIT has 20 supervisors for PhD students and 255 supervisors for master’s students. SIT attaches great importance to the cultivation of teachers, while ushering in excellent teachers. Boasting strong and well-structured teaching personnel, SIT has established a high-level teaching and academic research faculty with a group of discipline leaders and key teachers.