Vice President Ye Yinzhong Received -the Delegation from University of Iowa

On October 16, Ye Yinzhong, Vice President, received the delegation from University of Iowa headed by Dr Downing Thomas, Associate Provost of the University of Iowa, the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, the School of Computer Science and Information Engineering and International Office participated in the meeting.
Ye Yinzhong first welcomed the visiting guests, and then introduced the history and profile of the Shanghai Institute Technology to the guests. He said that Shanghai Institute of Technology always attaches great importance to the internationalization of education and hopes to establish cooperation relations with more overseas universities. He also said that the two universities share a lot in common in the fields of engineering education, and enjoys a wide range of cooperation opportunities, especially in the fields of student and staff exchange.

Downing Thomas agreed with Ye Yinzhong and introduced the campus culture and history, programs and numbers of students. He said that the two universities could design co –managed programs to promote student and staff exchange & cooperation and create postgraduate education programs together.
The University of Iowa is one of the national research universities in the United States, a member of the Association of American Universities, a member of the famous Big Ten. In 2012 American University ranking list, it comes at 71.