President of Gdansk University of Technology (GUT) visiting SIT

At the invitation of SIT, on April 17th, President of GUT Prof. Henryk Krawczyk, Vice President Prof. Jacek Makinia, the deputy director of the department of International Relations and Public Affairs Dr. Magdalena Popowska paid a visitation to SIT to discuss cooperation issues. This visit is a return visit to Party Secretary Qi Xueyin’s visit to GUT last year. The visit aims to deepen the cooperation between two sides. During the visit, Party Secretary Qi Xueyin, President Lu Guanzhong, VP Ye Yinzhong met with the delegation. Representatives from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the International Relations Office presented at the meeting. 


President Lu Guanzhong extended a warm welcome to the visitors on behalf of SIT and expressed his gratitude to GUT’s warm reception for SIT’s delegation last year. During the meeting, two presidents said that there were many common grounds regarding the disciplines and the professional fields. Among the common grounds, there were many valuable experiences they could learn and study from each other. Also, two presidents wished to establish comprehensive cooperation relations regarding scientific researches and exchange programs on the basis of the common grounds. Meanwhile, the educational concepts of two universities are similar; both emphasize cultivating individual’s moral code, developing abilities to adapt to the development of the society and other innovation capabilities apart from stressing the importance of study.

GUT expressed its strong desire to build cooperation relation with SIT. The scope of cooperation includes the academic staff of both sides applying for the scientific subjects supported by Sino-Polish governments, exchanging scholars to give lectures and student exchange programs. 


In the afternoon, VP Ye held a meeting to talk about the cooperation matters. During the meeting, representatives of both parties signed memorandum of understanding concerning the cooperation. Representatives from School of Urban Construction & Safety Engineering, School of Computer Science & Information Engineering, School of Electric & Electronic Engineering, School of Rail Transportation Engineering and International Relations Office participated in the signing ceremony.

The delegation also visited School of Computer Science & Information Engineering, School of Chemistry & Environmental Engineering, School of Rail Transportation Engineering, School of Electric & Electronic Engineering and the School of Innovative Engineering; and discussed the cooperation in the field of relevant subjects.

Founded on May 24th, 1945, Gdansk University of Technology is located in Gdansk, Województwo, Poland. The university is one of the oldest industrial universities in Poland. It is also a public university. The university consists of nine schools; they are School of Architecture, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Chemistry, School of Information and Electron, School of Electrical Appliances and Control Engineering, School of Applied Physics and Mathematics, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Oceanographic Engineering and Marine Technology, School of Economics and Management. GUT has an enrollment of about 27000 currently. The university offers both undergraduate programs and postgraduate programs.