Special facilities of SIT


Sport facilities

SIT provides facilities for a lot of different sports. There are soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball fields, fields for running, table tennis, volleyball and more. The school also has a big football stadium that comes with a gym.


Canteen Food

Our school has several canteens where you can get all types of food ranging from chinese soup and dumplings to western pasta and eggs. With our easy to use payments system, all our students use a their school card to pay with, so that you exactly know what you spend.



The school has it's own 3 store high library where you can go to, to read or study in peace. It can provide school books in English or Chinese. For more school related information press the link below.


Convenience store

The Fengxian campus has a lot of different convenience stores, like supermarkts, fruit and vegetable shop, stores for school equipement or for hygiene etc.



A lot of students have their own dorm on the campus where they live in, and international exchange students also have the option to get their own room against a small fee.


Public transportation

The school has its own bus service which can take you to different places in south Shanghai. You can also take the busstations outside the school gate to get to the metro, which can transport you further into the centre of Shanshai. The last option is the taxi, press learn more for extra info.