Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT)

  • Shanghai Institute of Technology

    Shanghai Institute of Technology ,or SIT, is a full-time public university with over 60 years of history. SIT own two campuses. The Xuhui campus is located in the city centre of Shanghai, adjacent to Caohejing Hi-tech park. 

    The Fengxian campus, which is also the main campus of SIT, is located in the Fengxian Bay area. These two campuses cover an area of more than 1,1 square kilometre

  • Top 100 demonstrate University of Applied Sciences

    SIT is one of the top 100 demonstrate University of Applied Sciences, distinguished by its Perfume and Aroma Technology program in China. SIT is also one of the pilot universities that use the "Excellence Engineer Education Program" and one of the 15 pilot universities to deepen innovative, originality and entrepreneurship education (IOE education). After 60 years of trial and error, SIT has developed a mature education system including 51 different undergraduate programs with a focus on engineering and natural science areas.

    SIT also provides 6 thesis-based master degree programs and 5 research-based master degree programs covering 8 major discipline complexes including engineering science, management, economics, humanities, laws, agriculture and art. The national Pilot Programs we provide are: Perfume and Aroma Technology,Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation, Foods Science and Engineering, Material Science and Engineering.

  • 16.000 undergraduates and 1.100 postgraduates

    Our university has more than 16.000 undergraduates and about 1.100 postgraduates. These students are being teached and guided by our 1.100 full-time teachers and high-quality research faculty. SIT has increased the percentage of industry experts and elites with overseas education background to make sure cultivated talents learn strong practical ability and an international way of thinking.

    When looked at SIT on Geographical level we own 1 National Quality Monitoring and Assessment Centre and 3 Provincial and Ministerial Engineering Research Centres. 

  • International

    SIT established extensive cooperation and exchange relationships with over 20 countries and regions. Academic exchange and staff training programs have been carried out with 116 foreign universities, research institutions all over the world. SIT has become an ideal choice for international students who want to study applied science in Shanghai. 

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