What type of sport facilities does SIT provide

SIT supports it's students in a lot of different sports, and provides the best facilities to make sure the students can carry out and improve in these sports. A few of the sport that our school supports are soccer, American football, basketball, tennis, badminton, running & other athletics, volleyball and table tennis.

Our school gives students the ability to choose to sport and exercise whether outdoor or indoor. They have this option because of our large indoor sporting centre. 

Further on this page you can read more about the different indoor and outdoor facilities our school provides.


Outdoor sport facilities

Our campus is provided with two big outdoor sporting areas, one in the northwest region and one in the northeast region of the Fengxian campus. It has 2 big soccer fields with a stadium, accompanied by a few dozen of smaller fields for basketball, badminton, tennis etc.

Also the olympic style field makes it perfectly convenient to exercise running. The dorm for international students is also located directly across the northwest sport facilities.


Indoor sporting facilities

If students want to sport or exercise with bad weather or in the winter they can use our large indoor sporting centre. It has a lot of different halls were you can play every sport you want. 

SIT also has two gym's that can be used by our students. These are not located in the sporting centre however, but are situated under the soccer stadium. The gym in the left wing of the stadium is mainly to improve condition, the other one is mostly for strenght exercises.

Inside sportcenter

The indoor sport center contains a lot of different areas to play a lot of different sports and activities!