An unforgetable experience!

June 24th 2019 from Juul van Kessel 

I am Juul van Kessel from The Netherlands. I have been studying at the Shanghai Instititute of Technology for the past 5 months as an exchange student. The first time arriving at the school I was suprised of the well organized and beauty of the school. The school has for example many appartment buildings for the students to live in, the school has 4 cantines with all kind of foods. Also I got received very well by the staff and Chinese students. I got 2 students appointed to me as "Buddies", these students have helped me with all kind of differences between my country and China. 

Level of education

The level of education is great at the Shanghai Institute of Technology. Before I went here I heard stories from other students that went to other universities in China that said that the quality of education was lower than the level of education in our country. But I saw in the first classes that this was not true for this school. Shanghai Institute of Technology has a high level of education with English speaking teachers. I learnt a lot from them and it was great to get in discussion with them about subjects to get more understanding of a topic.

“ Shanghai Institute of Technology has a high level of education with English speaking teachers”
Class: Chinese Calligraphy

Learning about different subjects related to economics was very interesting but the most interesting subjects were China culture related. Classes such as Chinese calligraphy an Chinese culture were my favorite subjects because I learned a lot about the history, culture, architecture and painting of China. I even got to make some of my own paintings! :) 

All the students and teachers are always free to help you if you need anything so that was very pleasing to have! I am not going to spoil everything because that is for you to find out! ;) I really liked my stay and just as the title said "It was an unforgetable experience".