Food and Drinks

Canteens of SIT

SIT provides their students a wide variety of food to choose from, and with 3 different canteens our school has something for everyone. 

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Canteen 1

The first canteen is the biggest and most popular eating facility, provided by the SIT. It has 2 floors with a wide variety of meals. On the first floor it has a small bakery with all kinds of sweet and savoury food. The second floor contains a small shop called FamilyMart and a smoothie and fruit store 

Canteen 2

This canteen is located on the west-side of the campus near the student dorm. Compared to the first canteen, this canteen is a little bit smaller and provides it's students with typical Chinese meals, which can be stir fried or combined with noodles.

Canteen 3

The students call the thirth canteen the "Teachers Canteen", because the theachers of SIT eat here often. The reason for this is that this Canteen has both a normal menu, and a restaurant with more expensive, special meals and added service.  

Supermarkets and stores

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FamilyMart is a convenience store, originaly from Japan. The store is located in the first canteen and sells all the usual convience goods like grocery items, magazines, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks or fresh (ice)coffee. They also make it possible to heat up the different types of lunch meals they sell.


Students who want to have more variety when it comes to groceries can also visit the supermarkets, which are located in the west area of the campus near the dorms for exchange students. They have dairy products, cold drinks, the general types of snacks you would find in a normal supermarket and a wide variety of hygiene products for everyday use.

Convenience stores

Close to the supermarket there are a few convenience stores with different items. There is a electronica store, a paper and printer store, a store for bathroom products and a store with fresh fruit and vegetables. The campus also has different coffee places and little shops with snack and drinks, you can find these throughout the campus