Things to do before you come to China

  • 1. Visa

    Make sure that your Visa is accepted and start getting your Visa a good time before going to China to make sure that this is not going to give problems in the future. Mail us for all the documents and we can also help you through this process!        

  • 2. VPN

    Social media such as Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook are blocked in China. Also Google is blocked in China. If you still want to use these websites you can download a VPN. It is very easy to find information about this online.    

  • 3. Chinese Telephone Number

    When arriving in China, you can go to an Unicom department (they are everywhere). Here you can get a Chinese Phone Sim Card. This is very cheap like 99 RMB a month for 20GB of internet. Also you can use the App Alipay, this app is used for all kind of services such as food delivery, put money on your school card, pay for everything and also for taxi's.    

  • 4. Chinese Bank Account

    Also when arriving in China go to a bank. Former students advise to go to ICBC (Chinese bank). This bank has experience with foreign students that want to set up a Chinese bank account. Sounds maybe a little bit scary but there are no costs involved. Only a setting up fee of 2 euro. This Chinese bank is required for the use of Alipay.      

  • 5. Payment system

    As said in 3. The Chinese Phone Number and Chinese Bank Account are necessary for a student to use all the apps in China. Sounds very difficult and scary but me (Juul from student stories) got it in a couple of hours and everything was easy from that moment. You can just withdraw cash from your creditcard to deposit on your Chinese bank account and put it on Alipay and from that moment you can pay everything!         

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