Bus transportation


The school has it's own schoolbus which can bring students to a few different locations. With WeChat you can book your bus tickets for a certain day and time. It's easy and cheap.

Public bus transport

Just outside the campus and all throughout Shanghai you can travel with the public bus transport. This way of transport is the cheapest option because you pay only 1RMB for one trip. The disadvantage is that all the information at the bus stops is in Chinese, so you will need to use your translator to be able to understand where the bus is going to.



Public metro transportation

Shanghai has a very well developed Metro system, with 14 different lines that can bring you to every corner of Shanghai very quickly. A metro ticket can be bought with cash, and some systems accept payment with Alipay. A ticket will cost between 3RMB and 10RMB, which makes it a fairly cheap option.



Local taxi (DIDA)

If you chose the Taxi as your transport you can chose a local taxi company who you can recognize by how they look and that they have taxi written on them. This taxi is a little more cheap than DIDI. With the local taxi the price is based on a metered fare and a standerd starting price. You can pay with cash or with Alipay and WeChat pay. You can read more about these on the payment page. They also have their own app called DIDA you can download from the Apple Store or Google Play Store 

The Chinese Uber (DIDI)

Just like the western countries use Uber, China uses DIDI. DIDI provides various efficient and reliable mobility services to about hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Whenever needed, DiDi can get you a ride in minutes. They have an easy to use app, you tell your location and DIDI finds a driver for you in less than a few minutes. The prices, which are a bit higher than DIDA prices, are shown beforehand based on the distance and can only increase if you have to drive past a toll road. They have good customer support and the app will show the driver exactly where you need to be dropped off. Important to keep in mind is that you can only pay with Credit/ Debit card, Alipay or WeChat pay and not with cash.