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Professor from Politecnico Miland Visited SIT and Gave an Acadamic Lecture

Time:June 5, 2024


On May 31, Mirco Bello Caronti, a professor of industrial product design from the Design School of Politecnico Miland, was invited to our school to give an academic lecture. This lecture was titled "Italian Sculptural Design - Form and Function". Professor Mirko systematically introduced and analyzed Italian sculptural design in five chapters - "Toy", "Assemble & Disassemble", "Animalization", "Surrealism" and "Iconic & Ironic".

The atmosphere of the whole lecture was relaxed and pleasant, and the response was active. The language barrier did not hinder the students' enthusiasm for this lecture. After Professor Mirko finished sharing, the students actively asked questions and had in-depth discussions with the professor. Students and three teachers from the 2023 grade of product design of Shanghai Materials Engineering School were also invited to attend the lecture. After the lecture, Professor Mirko took photos with the students. Besides, he also visited SIT’s ecological park and was invited to visit the Department of Architecture of the School of Urban Construction and Safety Engineering. He had cordial and friendly communications with teachers on urban renewal in China and Italy, as well as the future development direction of architecture and design disciplines. .