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Students from our school published a research paper in AFM

Time:March 1, 2024


Recently, the School of Materials Science and Engineering of our school has made a breakthrough in the protection of electrode materials and published a paper titled Synergistic Effect of 3D Elastomer/Super-Ionic Conductor Hybrid Fiber Networks Enables Zinc Anode Protection for Aqueous Zinc-Ion Batteries” in the authoritative journal Advanced Functional Materials in the field of materials (Top journal in Materials Science Zone 1, IF=19). The first unit of the paper is Shanghai University of Technology. Wang Zhimin, a master's student in the School of Materials of our school, is the first author of the paper. Undergraduate student Zhou Zili is the third author. Associate Professor Zhou Ding of our school and researcher Zhang Qichong/Dr. Luo Luo of Suzhou Institute of Nanotechnology are co-authors. Corresponding Author.