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School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Time:April 3, 2024


School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (SEEE) was formally established in 2010. SEEE has five undergraduate programs which are Electrical Engineering and Automation(including the four-year Sino -US undergraduate program (Electrical Engineering and Automation)), Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Robot Engineering and Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated System . At present, SEEE has a master's program in Control Science and Engineering and a master's program in Electronic Information. There are 75 faculty members including 55 full-time teachers, 1125 undergraduate students and 205 graduate students.

In recent years, according to the development plan of Shanghai region and the demand of the talent market, SEEE has been actively carrying out undergraduate teaching reform and continuously optimizing the professional personnel training program with reference to the international advanced CDIO engineering education concept. Eight key undergraduate courses or first-class undergraduate courses have been approved by Shanghai Municipality in recent three years. In 2023, two courses Principle of Automatic Control and Digital Electronic Technology were recognized as “National first-class undergraduate courses”by the Ministry of Education.

Based on Shanghai and facing the whole country, SEEE focuses on cultivating high-level applied technical talents with innovative spirit, practical ability and international vision to serve the regional economic and social development and meet the social demand for application-oriented talents in the production line. In recent years, the annual graduate signing rate of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is more than 90%, the employment rate is 99%. In the national Electronic Competition for College students, for example ,“Siemens Cup”China Intelligent Manufacturing Contest, “Blue Bridge Cup” National Software and Information Technology Professionals Competition (Electronics) and other competitions, the SEEE participating teams have performed well and won the first prize for many times.

1. Electrical Engineering and Automation

2. Automation

3. Electronic Information Engineering

4. Robot Engineering

5. Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated System