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School of Humanities

Time:April 3, 2024


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-Labor and Social security

-Social work major

-Cultural industry management

The School of Humanities of Shanghai University of Applied Technology, formerly known as the Department of Social Sciences, was formally established in 2007. After years of precipitation and accumulation, the school has formed the characteristics of collaborative development of literature, management, law and other disciplines.

The school has 3 undergraduate programs in Social work, Labor and Social Security, and Cultural Industry management, 2 master programs in creative City management in Management Science and Engineering, and 2 master programs in Social work, with more than 800 full-time undergraduates, postgraduates and international students.

The college has departments of Social Work, Labor and Social Security, and Cultural Industry Management.

There are the national "Double Million Plan" first-class undergraduate major construction site, the first national Mother Education culture construction base of the China Mother's Day Promotion Association, the first new liberal arts research and reform project units of the Ministry of Education, the Labor and Social security professional demonstration base of the Ministry of Education, the Global Urban Innovation Management Research Center, the Ancient Chinese Literature and Documentation Research Center, the Jiangnan Rural Research Center, the Social Security Research Center,

Cultural and Creative Industry Management Research Center, Ancient jade Testing Center, Shanghai University of Applied Technology and International Academic Research Institute jointly run the World Important Talent Center and Innovation Highland Research Institute;

There are teaching content and curriculum construction reform units of the Ministry of Education, teacher training units of the Ministry of Education, professional training centers and other institutions.

With the support of loving people at home and abroad, the college has built a fully open self-service library, which is open to all weather inside and outside the school.

The college is the initiator of the International Society of Public Administration, the vice president of the China Mother's Day Promotion Association, the member unit of the Chinese Society of Administration, the member unit of the Chinese Society of Higher Education, the member unit of the Chinese Society of Education, the member unit of the Chinese Society of Creation, the governing unit of the China Soft Science Research Society, the Cross-Strait Cultural and creative industry University Research Alliance unit, and the director of the Chinese Society of Sociology

Director unit of China Association of Social Work Education.

The college has a reasonable structure of high-level teaching staff, 43 faculty members, including 31 full-time teachers, senior titles 17 people, accounting for 54.8% of full-time teachers;

There are 27 teachers with doctoral degrees, accounting for 87% of full-time teachers.

The teachers and the teaching team have won the first batch of National College Huang Danian Teachers Team, the National Ministry of Education Huo Yingdong Education Foundation Award for Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities, the Excellence Award of National Multimedia Courseware Competition, the Baogang Education Award, Shanghai Education Award, Shanghai May 4th Youth Medal, Shanghai Excellent Educators, Shanghai Young Science and Technology Talents, Shanghai Excellent Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities, and Shanghai

Young teachers teaching competition award, provincial and ministerial level teaching team and other honorary titles.

In recent years, the faculty of the College has presided over more than 30 major research projects of the National Science and Technology 13th Five-Year Plan, China Asia-Pacific Cooperation Fund project, National Social Science Fund project, National Natural Science Fund project, Humanities and Social Science project of the Ministry of Education, and China Postdoctoral Surface Fund project.

It has won more than 30 scientific research awards from national ministries, provinces and cities and national industry associations.

Among them, there are more than 20 awards, including the first prize of the National Civil Affairs Policy Theory Research Award, the first prize of the National Personnel Research Award, the National Commerce Development Research Award, the National Commercial Science and Technology Progress Award, the National Service Industry Science and Technology Innovation Award, the provincial and ministerial Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, and the Decision Consulting research achievement Award.

College construction and participation in the construction of national, provincial and ministerial first-class courses, quality courses, key courses and other 17, won various kinds of teaching achievement awards 10.

The school has always practiced the philosophy of "people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence", paid attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality, and is committed to cultivating new liberal arts outstanding talents with ideals and beliefs, feelings of home and country, excellent skills, and courage to take responsibility.

Students participated in the China International "Internet +" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, National College Student language ability Competition, National College Student Organization and Management Ability Competition, National College Student City Management Competition, National College Student Human Resource Management Knowledge and Skills Competition, National College Student Traditional Culture Knowledge Competition, National College Student Network Culture Festival Micro Film Competition, National College Student Secretary special

Industry knowledge and skills competition, National College Students English Competition, National College students Computer skills application Competition and other national competitions won awards at all levels.

The college actively participated in the traditional culture activities promoted by Shanghai, and won the honor of "Seal Cutting into campus pilot school" for the school.

Our faculty and students have been to the University of Southern California in the United States, Duke University in the United States, the University of Montreal in Canada, Hamstad University in Sweden, Otago Institute of Technology in New Zealand and other universities to study, exchange and cooperate in research.

The college has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents.

Graduates have been admitted by Fudan University, Columbia University, Sweden University, University of Southampton and other well-known universities at home and abroad.

The college has high employment quality, and its graduates are employed by various units or subordinate departments such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Pacific Life Insurance Co., LTD., National Tax Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Science and Technology Museum, CCCC Shanghai Navigation Bureau Co., LTD., Shanghai Construction Engineering Group Co., LTD., All-China Federation of Trade Unions, etc., and are well received by employers.

The employment rate has exceeded 98% for many years in a row.

The college has achieved remarkable results in social service and cultural inheritance innovation.

The college participated in the application of "Huating Ancient Seawall" approved by the national key cultural relics protection unit;

The school has continuously held activities such as "Chinese Mother's Day", "Classic Reading and Poetry Culture Festival", "Simulation Competition" and "College Student Career Competition", which have gained wide social attention and good social effects;

The school actively participates in economic and social development projects in Shanghai and other regions, plays a guiding role in social governance and industrial development in Shanghai and other regions, and has remarkable social benefits.

Forging ahead in the new era and building the Chinese Dream together, the College of Humanities will focus on the fundamental task of building moral education, docking the needs of national and regional economic and social development, centering on the cultivation of outstanding talents in the new liberal arts, guided by cultural inheritance and innovation, and taking collaborative innovation and the integration of industry and education as the path, and strive towards the goal of building a high-level and innovative college of humanities with international influence!