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School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Time:April 3, 2024


The Chemical and Environmental Engineering School has a 60-long year history based on the former three colleges. The school now offers five undergraduate majors, namely chemical engineering and technology, pharmaceutical engineering, applied chemistry, environmental engineering and water supply and drainage science and engineering. Among them, chemical engineering and technology is listed as the national first-class undergraduate major, the pilot major program of the Ministry of Education, the major of China engineering education certification, and one of the first batch of application-oriented undergraduate pilot majors in Shanghai; Pharmaceutical engineering is the first-class major and application-oriented undergraduate pilot major in Shanghai; Applied chemistry is the major chosen as the national comprehensive reform pilot program and the highland of undergraduate education in Shanghai; Applied Chemistry (Analysis and Monitoring) direction is the first undergraduate level cooperation project jointly managed by Chinese and New Zealand universities in science and engineering. It is worth mentioning that the school was authorized to offer first-grade PhD degree programs of “Chemical Engineering and Technology” in 2021. This achievement is a significant breakthrough in the history of school development. In addition, the school was authorized to offer first-grade master degree programs of “Chemical Engineering and Technology” and “Materials and Chemical Engineering”. We can also recruit and train academic postgraduates in "Ecology", as well as the professional postgraduates in "Resources and Environment" and "Biology and Medicine".

Our School has established the advanced fundamental chemical experiment center, the professional experimental centers, chemical training base and virtual simulation center. Among them, the fundamental chemical experiment center is the first batch of Shanghai experimental teaching centers. The chemical training base owns large-scale training production lines, such as the zero emission of ethyl acetate, carbinol made from coal, etc. Furthermore, there are two Shanghai engineering technology research centers founded in our school, namely "Shanghai Green Fluoropharmaceutical Engineering Technology Research Center" and "Shanghai Pharmaceutical Synthesis Process Engineering Technology Research Center". In addition, the school and PuLuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. jointly build the "Collaborative Innovation Research Institute of Green Drug Synthesis and Intelligent Manufacturing". We have also established joint laboratories and research bases with Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry, SECCO Petrochemical Co., Ltd., COVESTRO (China) Co., Ltd., INVISTA Nylon Chemical (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tenry Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and SHIMADZU company, etc.

Our school adheres to promote education internationalization, and has maintained good cooperation and exchange relations with many top-ranking universities, such as Auckland University of Technology, University of Arizona, and University of Lincoln, etc. In particular, we have a joint degree programme in Bachelor of Applied Chemistry with Auckland University of Technology since 2003. This partnership has been maintained for more than 20 years. So far, 1,490 students have been successfully enrolled in this programme. We also have a master degree joint program with the University of Arizona in environmental science. Each year, dozens of students in our school will be admitted to graduate school at top-ranking universities in the world.

The school taking the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing" as the guide, and seizing the opportunity of Doctoral Program construction in Chemical Engineering, and Modern Pharmaceutical Industry College creation. Our school is accelerating the development of subject potential, optimizing the specialty layout, and strives to develop into a high-level applied innovative-oriented college with a certain degree of social influence.