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School of Materials Science and Engineering

Time:April 3, 2024


School of Materials Science and Engineering was established in September, 2000. It is emerged by the department of Metallurgy and the Department of Chemical Engineering. The school now offers three undergraduate majors, namely Materials science and engineering, composite materials and engineering, material physics (photoelectric materials). Among them, Materials science and engineering is listed as the national first-class undergraduate major, the major of China engineering education certification. The school has been authorized to offer master degree programs of Materials science and engineering, Materials and Chemical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. There are more than 80 faculty members, including 14 professors and 31 associate professors. There are 47 postgraduate supervisors (including 5 doctoral supervisors) and 36 part-time postgraduate supervisors. The school has more than 1000 undergraduate students and 270 graduate students.

Our School has established a number of specialized laboratories, including metal processing, polymer forming, crystal growth, high-temperature carbon material, new metallurgical technology, luminescence materials and new energy materials. Furthermore, there are two Shanghai engineering technology research centers founded in our school, namely Shanghai Building Waterproof Material Engineering Technology Research Center and Shanghai Optical Detection Engineering Technology Research Center. We have also established joint laboratories and joint research platforms with Shanghai Construction Engineering Group, Shanghai Building Materials Group, Huayi Group, Baosteel Group, etc.

Faculty members carry out scientific and technological research in many fields, like nano-carbon materials, opto-electronic crystal materials, building energy saving materials, luminescence materials, thermoelectric materials, 3D printing technique, etc. In recent years, our faculties have undertaken the national key research and development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National 973 Project, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, with an annual research fund of about 12 million yuan. Every year, over 110 research papers have been published in Science, Nature Comm, Acta Materialia, JACS, Angew Chem Int Edit, Adv Opt Mater, Sci Rep.

The students are encouraged to participate in various scientific and technological innovation and competitions. Undergraduates have published more than 20 papers and 9 authorized patents. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has always remained above 97%.