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School of Railway Transportation

Time:April 3, 2024


Focusing on high-speed railway and urban rail transit technology, the FRT adheres to dislocation development and industry characteristics, and cultivates high-level application-oriented engineering and technical personnel with international vision. The school is the one belt, one road alliance executive director and the standing director unit of Shanghai Railway Society.

At present, the faculty has five undergraduate majors, namely Railway Engineering, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation (locomotive and vehicle engineering), communication engineering (Rail Signaling Technology), electrical engineering and automation (rail traction power supply), transportation engineering (railway transportation management), and five master's degree authorization points, namely transportation, vehicle engineering, control science and engineering, electronic information, resources and environment. There are 45 faculty members in the college, including 5 professors and 12 associate professors. 96.8% of professional teachers have doctor’s degrees. It has a fully functional professional laboratory of rail transit and many practice teachings bases, such as "Shanghai rail transit operation and safety experimental teaching demonstration center", "rail transit service equipment safety monitoring and Control Engineering Center".

The faculty and Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd. jointly build "urban rail transit industry intelligence collaborative research center" and "rail transit big data laboratory"; jointly build "Shanghai rail transit production, research and practice base" with China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd; jointly build "Shanghai Research Center of rail transit health management" with China Railway Southwest Research Institute Co., Ltd; cooperate with many enterprises to build the collaborative innovation platform of "rail transit service equipment operation and safety engineering" and "rail transit operation monitoring and safety control". In 2018, China-Laos Railway International Joint Laboratory was jointly established with Souphanouvong University and relevant enterprises in Laos. In recent years, it has undertaken 5 National Natural Science Foundation projects and 13 provincial and ministerial level projects, with more than 18 million yuan of scientific research funds; it has won four second and third prizes of Shanghai Science and technology progress award.