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School of Engineering Innovation

Time:April 3, 2024


With the support from the Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT) authority, SEI was funded in 2009 to fulfill the institute philosophy - Cultivating field-engineer-oriented, high-level technical talents with innovative spirit, practical ability, and global perspective. According to the syllabus & the latest certification standard of engineering education, on the basis of realizing the school-running orientation & the classification of talents cultivation, graduates from SEI should meet the following requirements through four year’s regular engineering education:

Ambitious and vigorous, with strong enterprise and responsibility;

With a strong ability to research, design and construct;

A good team player with strong leadership skills;

Good communication and expression skills both in Chinese and English;

Strong innovative & entrepreneurial ability;

Obtain the international & domestic vocational qualification certificate at .

The vice-president of SIT serves concurrently as the dean of SEI, and the provost of SIT serves concurrently as the vice-dean of SEI. The Executive vice-dean of SEI is taken by the executive vice-dean of School of Electric & Electronic Engineering, director of engineering-training center of SIT,and academic leader of Electric Engineering of SIT.

The Electrical Engineering & Automation major (experimental class) was setup when the SEI was founded in 2009, and then 80 students were chosen from the freshmen of all other majors.

The Automation (Mechatronics) major (experimental class) was added in 2010. And another 80 students were selected according to their own willing and performances.

More academic and technical staffs, including “Eastern Scholars”, well-engineering-trained teachers and excellent Ph.D. graduates will be introduced into the School. Candidates with innovative abilities & engineering R&D Experiences are preferred.

With the support of the institute authority, and other parallel schools and departments, the public courses in SEI are taught by experienced/outstanding teachers.

The SEI is continuing investing more manpower and material resources into the improvement of teaching configuration, educational resources & practical environments, to establish a relaxing, harmonic, and characteristic platform for talent educating, and explore new methods & modes for the cultivating of engineering talents.